The resolution of an image is commonly referred to as “dpi” or “dots-per-inch.” The higher the dpi, the clearer the image will be. To achieve a crisp, clear image on your finished product, a minimum of 300dpi is required. Resolution is the most important factor in digital artwork. Resolution must be correct at the time the artwork is designed because you cannot increase resolution later in the production process.

Resolution will decrease when an image is enlarged; conversely, resolution will increase when an image’s size is reduced. This is a process known as re-sampling, and it balances the size/dpi ratio proportionally.

We CAN NOT increase the resolution or detail of low resolution artwork.


Sharp and clear artwork
Fine details are discernible. 

150 DPI
Artwork is blurry and distorted.
Fine detail has gotten fuzzy.

72 DPI
Image is distorted and pixelated.
Fine details have bled together.

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