Lead-Times – Production schedules vary based on factory volume. The below are estimates for general information only. As art and orders are received firm production data will be provided.


Additional Fees


Set-Up Fee $50.00(v) $50.00(v) $50.00(v) $50.00(v) -
Re-Order Set-Up Fee - - - - -
Physical Proof Fee $25.00(v) $50.00(v) Included Included -
E-Proof Included Included Included Included -
Second Color Set-Up $50.00(v) - - -  Primarily 2-color max.
Second Color Run Fee $0.45(v) - - - Primarily 2-color max.
Blanks - - - -

Catalog end quantity(r) less $0.40(r)
Minimum order 1st column, full-case quantities only
Exclusions may apply based on availability

Broken Case Pack Fee $25.00(v) $25.00(v) $25.00(v) -

Must order in case pack quantities to avoid fee

Color Change $16.25(v) - - -

Same design, different color imprint

Color Match Fee $40.00(v) - - -

Customer provides PMS colors

Copy Change $40.00(v) $40.00(v) $40.00(v) $40.00(v)

Catalog 72 minimum
Promo 144 minimum

Creative/Graphic Design Fee $75.00(x)  $75.00(x) $75.00(x)  $75.00(x)  Per Hour
Distributor Over Run Sample $5.00(z) $5.00(z) $5.00(z) $5.00(z) -
Drop Ship/ Split Ship $5.00(z) $5.00(z) $5.00(z) $5.00(z) -
Foreign Shipment Paperwork $35.00(v) $35.00(v) $35.00(v) $35.00(v) -
3rd Party Bill Fee $12.00(v) $12.00(v) $12.00(v) $12.00(v) -
Handle & Base Imprint Run Fee $0.45(v) - $0.45)v) - 1-color only. Run fee $0.45(v) is for 72+ units. For less than 72 add $0.75(v) per unit run fee.
Handle or Base Imprint Set-Up Fee $50.00(v) $50.00(v)
base only
$50.00(v) - -
Illusion Base Color $0.60(v) $0.60(v) - - 72 minimum
Less Than Minimums $0.63(v) for 36/48, $1.25 (v) for 24's $0.63(v) for 36/48, $1.25 (v) for 24's $0.63(v) for 36/48, $1.25 (v) for 24's - Add to 1st column price. Visit product page for case pack info, item packed in 36's, absolute LTM is 36, Items packed in 24's absolute LTM is 24. Full-case quantities only. Special pricing does not apply.
Exact Quantity Fees $25.00(v) $25.00(v) $25.00(v) - -
Order Cancellation $40.00(v) $40.00(v) $40.00(v) - In writing plus all cost
Pallet Fee $9.00(z) $9.00(z) $9.00(z) $9.00(z) -
Personalization - $4.50(v) $1.00(v) - Call factory for lead time.
Resizing Art Fee $25.00(v) $25.00(v) $25.00(v) $25.00(v) -
Spec Sample $50.00(v) $50.00(v) $50.00(v) $50.00(v) 5-7 days
Typesetting $25.00(z) $25.00(z) $25.00(z) $25.00(z) Direct screen 3 line max
UPC Sticker (Print & Apply) $0.09(z) $0.09(z) $0.09(z) $0.09(z) -
UPC Sticker (Apply Provided) $0.05(z) $0.05(z) $0.05(z) $0.05(z) -
Xpedited Rush $1.00(v) $1.00(v) $1.00(v) $1.00(v) Pre-approved required. Call factory for availability
Xpert Safe Pack

$9.50(v)/24 pack, $12.00(v)/36 pack

$9.50(v)/24 pack, $12.00(v)/36 pack $9.50(v)/24 pack, $12.00(v)/36 pack $9.50(v)/24 pack, $12.00(v)/36 pack Noted on individual item

**Credited to order set-up.

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